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「Sea of Argonauts」

Yoshitaka Nanjo  <JAPAN>

Photo:Keizo Kioku

Sand dug from Suzu’s ancient geological formations is spread in the center of the venue. A wooden boat, an old piano, and other such items set the stage for the artist to project images. Found among the collected household items was a notebook with Waka and Haiku poems written in black ink. Inspired by the poetry, the artist takes clues from scenery and impressions that remain the same despite changes in time and situation to expose memories of land and old objects.


Yoshitaka Nanjo


Born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1977. After graduating from Tokyo Zokei University in 2002, Nanjo worked mainly in Tokyo until he moved to Wakayama in 2016. He considers each prospective site not only in its current state, but also from a historical perspective. He then uses local soil to create multi-layered paintings and installations. Since 2016, he has established a new style of theatrical installation using soil and sand as his primary materials then adding sound and light to create a work evoking a sense of nostalgia. In addition to his private exhibition at the Sakaide Citizen Museum (Kagawa), he recently participated in art festivals such as the Setouchi Triennale (Kagawa) and Oku-Noto Triennale (Ishikawa).




Photo:Keizo Kioku