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Photo:Keizo Kioku


director/superintendent  Furamu Kitagawa
curation/staging  Yoshitaka Nanjo 
Folklore and Culture Advisor  Kiyoshi Kawamura(National Museum of Japanese History) 
architectural renovation/space design  Yamagishi Aya(cycle architects) 
music  Umitaro Abe 
special lighting  Yasuhito Suzuki(OBI) 
modeling/direction support  Takuya Kamiike 
video recording  Eizo Workshop 
preservation and utilization of folk materials adviser  Kawabe Sakiko (National Museum of Japanese History) 
graphic/merchandise/exterior neon design  KIGI

Suzu Theatre Museum Annex

A 5-minute drive from Suzu Theatre Museum: The Ark of Light.
Otani Day Care Center, the storage location for all the folk art, was transformed into a new space now used both for storage and display. With its research and use of folk art, this is an experimental facility in search of the true nature of what a museum should be. 

Opening hours
9:30am - 5pm

Admission fee
Elementary-High School students/¥200